80 Days Around the World in Electric Cars

About 80edays

The story of 80edays began in 2012. Rafael de Mestre’s pioneering spirit led him to embark on an extraordinary adventure – GENESIS, racing around the world in a production all-electric Tesla Roadster, completing the feat in just 127 days.

In 2016, the story continued with ELDURO, as 11 international teams, the ambassadors of 80edays, embarked on a grueling 29,000 km rally across 20 countries and 3 continents. Their triumph in completing the journey in 80 days, beating Rafael de Mestre’s record, sent a powerful message to the industry: sustainable technology is the path to the future.

In 2023, Rafael initiated a promotional trip around the world in Florida in the same iconic Roadster he drove in 2012. Déjà vu? No, a new chapter of history written by Rafael.

The next chapter will commence in 2024. Everyone is welcome to join the journey, organize local events along the route, or support us on Patreon and social media.