80 Days Around the World in Electric Cars

Onboarding process

Get ready for the ride of a lifetime with 80eDays, the world’s first zero emissions rally in electric cars! The third edition of this epic journey is set to begin in May 2024 in Barcelona, ready to cross 36 countries in just 80 days.

But how do you join this amazing adventure? It’s easy! Just follow these steps:

Step 1 (Level D) - Team profile setup


You will get included into the official 80edays website and you will have your official page with your own story. Also, you will get the option to collect funds to finance your trip. The only thing you need to do is to buy a team setup fee and provide some basic information about yourself and your team, including photos, text, and videos. You can even choose to keep your profile anonymous if you prefer. Once your profile is set up, you’ll get a discount code for the next step.

Step 2 (Level C) - Upgrade your profile


With your discount code, it’s time to upgrade your profile to Level C by paying Level C Upgrade fee. This gets you official merchandise and promotional material (car stickers, T-shirts, one double room with breakfast included), as well as an invitation to the official 80eDays kick off meeting where you’ll meet the founder of 80eDays, Rafael de Mestre, in person. You’ll also get a training session on how to charge your car anywhere in the world and a presentation of the draft route. Here you can decide on either level A (whole world trip) or level B (part of the trip) participant.  Once you’ve signed the participation contract and paid the official starting fee, you’re all set!

Step 3 (Level B or A) – Official 80edays participant


If you’re up for the whole trip and have transferred the EUR 33,000  starting fee (29,000 with Level C discount), you will be an official 80edays level A participant. All over sea transport costs of your car are included into this fee. Also, this fee even includes coverage of the carbon print emitted during the trip, thanks to the support of our friends at myclimate.org.  You will get reduced costs for hotel stays and mobile charger, clamp meter, official 80edays business cards for all team members, tool set, a set of tires.

In case you choose to join a part of the trip, you should propose your start and finish and we will send you an offer regarding the costs. After paying the fee, you will be an official 80edays level B participant, being named on the lists of official participants who joined the event.

Step 4 (optional) - Book additional packages


If you want to make your journey even more comfortable, you can book additional packages like “80 days hotel stay” or “all included”.

With all your questions answered and your journey booked, get ready for the adventure of a lifetime with 80eDays. Contact us today via email or social media to get started!

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