80edays GENESIS

Genesis 2012 was highlighted by Rafael de Mestre who rallied around the world in a standard all-electric Tesla Roadster in 127 days.
Having started from Barcelona on May 11, he made his way westwards in chase of Xavier Degon and Antonin Guy
to win the first rEVolutionary race around the world that set the pace for ELDURO 2016.

80edays ELDURO

The 80edays 2016 – ELDURO – an other chapter of the history making endurance test for the EV technology and the drivers is finished successfully.
11 international teams – 80edays ambassadors rallying for supremacy across 29,000 km, 20 countries, and 3 continents tried to finish in Barcelona in 80 days. 9 teams did it beating Rafael de Mestre’s record (GENESIS 2012), sharing their EV experiences and sending a strong message to the industry that sustainable technology
is the future.