Around the World in Electric Cars Trip

80edays 2020


The clock is our worst enemy, time is ticking and as long as the transition to transport propulsed by renewable energy on air, ship and road is not finished we will repeat the race against the clock around the world showing up the newest technology and the alternatives of emission free transport.

4 years passed after 28 measurement instruments have been planted 2016 all around the world and it is time to visit the, take some probes and to showcase the newest zero emission technology. Again, we will break world records but this time we will follow the requests from press and media in 2016 and we will ask Guinness to publish them.

27.6.2020 80edays will start after 2012 and 2016 for the 3rd time in Spain.
The inhabitants, fans, companies, majors are welcome to vote for one of the following the cities. The city with most of the votes will be the start and finish location of 80edays. 25.000 votes needed minimum to win.




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The first leg route (CHECK WHOLE ROUTE) is planned passing Lisbon, Paris, Luxembourg, Brussels, Eindhoven, Hannover, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Oslo and will finish the first leg in Bergen where there will be a farewell party organized to ship the cars proceeding to Canada.

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The registration fee for this first leg named
“80edays Start Europe” is 1872€ for the team car plus 187,20€ per additional team member. It will last 15 days and ends on 12.7.2020 in Bergen. You can also join for one event as guest for free or if you want to be part of 80edays getting an official shirt you should register and ask for the price for the trip you want to join.

Why 1872?

Well this is the year where Phileas Fogg placed the bet in the novel from Jules Verne to make the around the world circumnavigation in 80 days. Rafael de Mestre stated 2012 “I can make around the world in electric cars in 80 days”, the birth of the name #80edays, the 80 electrifying days.



Thank you for your interest in participating worlds epic 80edays, the superlative of all road trips of the world. The most important rule is that no participant is allowed to toe the car in the direction of the aim, all km shall be driven fully electric. No gas, no hydrogen, no kind of burning resources is allowed. Only 100% electric cars are allowed to start. 80edays shows since 2012 that this is possible.

You will be equipped with original 80edays shirts (amount depending on the length of the trip), a token from and you will have to find your charging spots yourself. We will stop at places to meet EV fans of the country, will plant trees at dedicated locations and will have time to visit the cities where we meet and if you are fast you even can do some extra trips yourself.


Barcelona // Madrid // Bilbao


Madrid // Lisbon


Lisbon // Bilbao // Madrid


Bilbao // Barcelona


Drive Day




















Driving day


Farewell party in Bergen


Shipping of cars to Halifax

US schedule will start end of July 2020,
more details will follow.

All participants are welcome to join the 80edays meeting in Frankfurt on 24.01.2020. Event details >>








ZERO 2020

80edays Route

The epic route is defined by the trees planted in 2016 and the places where we will plant the trees. Some deviations are taken to meet sponsors or celebrities.
Follow the foot steps of the pioneer Rafael de Mestre.



500€ pack


Two 30x20cm sponsor stickers at one participation car

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2 original 80edays shirts

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Two 30x20cm sponsor stickers at the car of Rafael de Mestre

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