80edays ANSWERS

Frequently Asked Questions

What do participants get for their money?

You will be part of an old Guinness World Record owned by gas cars broken by electric cars.
You will get awesome photos and videos from the trip and events.
You will get a unique experience of your lifetime.

How can I join for free?

Are you a youtuber, influencer, blogger, camera man, photographer?
Welcome to join!

How can the community support me?

We can set up a voting system for you where you can present yourself and collect money via Paypal or SMS (costs 100€).

What happens if not enough votes are collected?

The money is going to a charity organisation.

What if someone gets ill and I can not start?

You can transfer your starting slot to another team.

Can I drive only a leg? How much does it cost?

One leg is for free, you and the persons with you in the car only have to wear the 80edays shirt.

One leg including official registration, participation stickers, certificate, cap and shirts is flat rate 1872€ per car up to 7 persons in the car.

What is the lead time to register a city stop?

The deadline is 31.12.2022, if you want to add it afterwards you may lose some features and functionality, latest chance to register is 30.4.2023.

Any other question?

You are welcome to contact office@hosting2082223.online.pro