Team Switzerland II

Tesla Model S P85D

Beat Müller

Born: 1965 in Berne, married, 3 kids
Physician, M.D., educated in Liestal, Basel, Elim Hospital South Africa, Harvard University Boston
Professor of Internal Medicine and Endocrinology,
Diabetes & Metabolism

University of Basel & Kantonsspital Aarau

Rudi Zbinden

Born 1962 in Belp
Employed as a Systems Engineer
Hobbies: Skiing and Sailing

ODOMETER 16.06.2016

ODOMETER 04.09.2016


Beat’s motivation

Sabbatical to explore Jules Verne, other countries, and health care systems.
We don’t inherit the world from our ancestors. We only borrow it from our children.

Rudi’s motivation

80eDays really freaks me out: the journey of my life!