Team Switzerland I

Tesla Roadster named Blue

Motor: 3-phase, 4-pole, electric induction engine
Max. speed: 130 mph or 210 kph @ 14,000 revs/min.
0-60 mph: 3.9s
Battery cap.: 56 kWh, 6A 831 lithium-ion cells (welded)
Torque: 400Nm ( at any given time )
Power: 300hp or 215kW
Charging: single phase 240V, 3.5hA @ 16.8kW/70A,8h @ 7.7kW/32A
Energy use @ 60mph: 145Wh/km (on flat road)
Max. range @ 60mph: 235m at 100km/h constant speed
Weight: 1a 250kg/800kg (with/witout battery)
Driven distance: 60,000 miles or 96,000 km (in 5 years)
Color: electric blue
Car body: carbon, lotus elise racing chassis
Team Colour: Electric Blue

Markus Doessegger

Born 1960 in Zurich, Switzerland
Employed as a Java Software Engineer
by Bisnode Dun & Bradstreet Schweiz AG

Passionate Java Software Engineer
enthusiastic Tesla Roadster owner
(let’s burn rubber not oil)
enjoys to play Japanese Taiko
loves to travel the world.
Embassador of E-Mobility since 2011
Runner up at the WAVE trophy in 2014

Matthias Aebi

CEO and founder
of Dizmo AG Switzerland

ODOMETER 16.06.2016

ODOMETER 04.09.2016


Markus’s motivation

Give Me a Lever Long Enough and
Single Handed I Can Move the World

Markus Doessegger

Years ago, when I first considered reading the book The FIFTH DISCIPLINE, The Art & Practice of The Learning Organization by Peter M. Senge, I wasn’t aware at all of becoming once an ambassador for the electric car community, constantly strengthening the leverage to move the world into a new direction, in how we think about mobility in general.
Leverage, as the bottom line of Systems Thinking, sees actions and changes in structures leading to significant and enduring improvements, e.g. in the way we travel. Following the principle of economy of means, where the best results come from small well-focused actions, the electric car shall step by step make its way into the minds of people by reasonable, everlasting development and common sense.