Team Germany I

Tesla Model S 85D

Andreas Rieger

Born 1969 in Wertheim, Germany
Employed as international project manager
Started his electro mobility carreer in 2013 with a Govecs electro scooter
Green Tech Specialist
Passion for traveling and foreign countries

Rüdiger Hehl

Born 1970 in Herzberg am Harz, Germany
Employed as Engineer
Interested in: Mountain biking, snowboarding, basketball

ODOMETER 16.06.2016

ODOMETER 04.09.2016


Andreas’s motivation

I met Rafael at the BEM Stammtisch in Munich on September 03, 2013 – a day I will always remember. He told us that he circled the world in his Tesla Roadster in 2012 and that he is planning to repeat the race in a different set-up. I was overwhelmed by the idea and immediately told him: Rafael, please put me on the list. I was simply following my heart – and you know what – it feels good. I am looking forward to all the preparation. I am fully thrilled by the thought of standing in the grid of starters.

Rüdiger’s slogan

When Andy told me he wants to join this rally, I thought this would be a great opportunity to test the potential of electric cars. And I also thought this business punch badly needs some technical support for this project.