Team Czech Republic

Tesla Model S P85D

Technical data
Maximum speed: 250 km/h
Battery capacity: 66 kwh
Distance on one charge: 350 km
Weight: 2388
Colour: white with adverts
Distance covered: 62 000 km (1.7.2015 – 1.3.2016)

Dr. Jiri Vlk

Born 1970 in Brno, Czech Republic
President of the Czech Representative for the International competition for electro cars
CEO Green Victory Capital LTD, London
Vice President ACEP(Associace Elektromobilu Prumyslu)
Driven electro cars 120 000 km (Tesla Roadstar, Tesla S85D, Nissan Leiv, elektro Skoda Superb)
Member of the Electro Magazine Elektrotrh
and writes articles

Tomas Gabriel Vincent, MSc.

Born 1986 in Brno, Czech Republic
Visionary with the motto: always forward
Founder of NNO Laskavi z.s.
Co-founder of the kindergarden House Under The Stars (Dum pod hvezdami)
Organizer of the Love Festival/Laska Fest
(focus on environmental issues)

Driver of the electric car Nissan Leaf

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