Team Austria

Tesla Model S P85D

Team Austria and last but not least team participating at ELDURO is a couple featuring the two pilots Elisabeth & Franz Blum. Sharing their lives, they consequently share the steering wheel of their Tesla Model S P85D, too. Team Austria is confident in its ability to rally around the world and is looking forward to testing the EV technology in demanding terrains and conditions.

Elisabeth Blum

Entrepreneur in Coaching & Organisation Development
Interested in how & why & where to

Franz Blum

Entrepreneur in Logistics
Interested in everything which makes the difference

ODOMETER 16.06.2016

ODOMETER 04.09.2016


Their motivation

As entrepreneurs and as part of a big family, we feel responsible for a good life for the present and the future generations.
Travelling the world in 80 edays means to us: Creating an initial spark for a carbon-free mobility.