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NEW 80edays stop

You want to be one of the pearls of the
epic 80edays chain promoting emission free transport all over the world?


Charge Stop

Granted charge stop of all teams at your location. Participants can be asked for interviews by TV, press and visitors.  


City Naming

Promoting your city / location or company premises. Naming of the representatives on the official 80edays movie.


Company logo

Emphasized size logo of the event place / ctiy or company at 80edays website (+100.000 visitors per month).


Car stickers

Two 20×10 cm stickers on all participating cars (organization car excluded).


Route stickers

Sticker (8×8 cm) next to the city of the route on the organization car.

VIDEO production

Professional 15 min video production of the event


25 original
80edays shirts

Social media

Social media posts
during the event

80edays channels

Naming of the stop location on 80edays communication channels

Sustainable project

Awareness in the frame of a sustainable international project

local charity

Collect money for your local charity project through 80edays

Granted Stop

Propose the city/place at the following link https://city.80edays.com/
and choose the option which assures a fix date. In case 80edays is being postponed every payer will be able to request the cash back of 100% of the paid fees.

Last Minute Stop

In case the you got aware of 80edays after we already started you still can propose a stop. As long as the fee is paid latest two months before the assumed arrival at your event location you can become an official charge stop and your stop will be promoted as such.