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Kai Howaldt

Initiator of sustainable projects like #ecograndprix and #80edays
Evangelist of emobilty

2019: Organisor of 9 international EV races
2018: Organisor of the first 24h EV race of the world
2017: EV Trophy Winner
2016: World Record driver in 80 days around the world with an EV
2015: eTourEurope Champion
2014: Winner of the Swiss Energy Grand Prix
2013: Awarded by the Energy Globe Award Romania
2012: Winner of the first Standard EV race around the globe
2011: “Tesla goes east” – 10.000km through Europe from Sweden to Romania to the Black Sea and back.

You can be sure every Cent you are giving to me I will put into pushing emobilty and clean transport to be promoted. I already sold my apartment, my house and my life insurance to maximum push this forward. I can see the actual results and this is confirming that I’m on the right way infecting people to change showcasing that emission transport is not only fun, it’s best business the world can get because it is sustainable, makes independent and avoids the poison NOx in our cities oil motivated conflicts. My Tesla Model S has survived 3 life cycles of gas cars and is still running like a new car. It enables me to continue promoting all around the world with a very reduced operation costs which are basic insurance, tires every 50.000 km and windshield water 🙂  

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