in fast forward mode

765 days to go to next edition of 80edays! We are extremely excited giving you an update about the milestones reached earlier than expected.
In addition we are opening the doors to anyone wanting to join a part of 80edays for a special price of 1872€ only, be curious why!

80edays internet overseas

80edays is proud to announce the successful positioning of the satellite “KIPP” which has been launched to the orbit of our beautiful planet by our partner KEPLER Communications. KIPP will give 80edays the opportunity to send videos and impressions to the internet from wherever in the world including from the middle of the ocean! KEPLER is offering these services for unbeatable prices and we are sure that a lot of ship owners will change to the KEPLER system soon. For us it will give us more visibility so that in 2020 you will be much nearer to the teams driving around the world than ever before. For more information about KIPP you’re welcome to visit the website of our partner:

Satellite picture © by Kepler Communications

Registered teams

We proudly announce that more than two years before the start of the next edition of 80edays19 of 20 available starting slots are pre-reserved!

A big thank you to all teams for the trust in 80edays!
And the ones not registered yet should hurry up to get the last free of charge reservation slot 😉
After the last slot is taken no pre-reservations will be possible. To get into the list will be only possible with an official registration including the payment of the starting fee. Alternatively you will be able to be put on the waiting list but this without any warranty to be able to start. We are sorry for having this limit but the reason for this limit is that 2020 there will be simply no emission free ship available being able to transport more cars.


Due to the earlier than expected coming closing of the pre-registration, we decided to already open the registration for the first 80edays leg “ZERO Europe” which is starting in Barcelona and making stops in Madrid, Avila, Salamanca, Lisbon, Toulouse, Paris, Luxembourg, Belgium, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

To participate on this first leg of 80edays you shall donate 1872€ in case you are a private team (one car – unlimited amount of team members). We are linking the amount of Euros to the year when Phileas Fogg following the novel of Jules Verne started his around the world bet. We are betting to being possible to make it excluding any kind of burning gas. The donation for company teams are two times 1872€. The donation is dedicated to charity purposes supporting our message like (UN Climate Change secretary, MyClimate and others).

The 11 countries of this leg will be visited in 11 days and we plan to visit 11 events. You are welcome to join and say good bye to the teams at the harbor in Norway where they are planned to be shipped to Canada. For more information please use the following  link or contact or me via What’s App: +49 173 8876602