7.07 Global Disruptors Speaker Series

Global Disruptors Speaker Series welcome 80edays ambassadors in Pasadena, California, hosting the innovative event during which Team China racer Andrew Yi Zong shared his presentation with following huge interview for Silicon Valley Innovation Channel DingDing TV!

In Pasadena it was a night of free networking & stories from entrepreneurs with a global reach. These entrepreneurs continue to disrupt traditional industries like consumer payments, HVAC, tourism, and medical testing through innovation, collaboration, and guerrilla marketing.
It’s hosted by PHNIX NORTH AMERICA in conjunction with its community partners Cross Campus and Innovate Pasadena.

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Cross Campus
85 North Raymond Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91103

Event Agenda
6:30-7:00pm Check-in with Networking Happy Hour & Photo Booth
7:00-7:05pm Opening Remarks

Speaker: Andrew Yi Zong | 80edays ambassador | Co-Founder & CEO | PHNIX Eco Energy Solutions, LTD
Andrew Yi Zong is a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, and CEO of PHNIX Eco-Energy Solution LTD., one of the world’s largest manufacturers of energy-efficient heat pumps in China.
The Chinese edition of FastCompany magazine named Zong among the Top 100 Creative Men in China Commerce, and his company was named in the Top 50 creative companies in China list for both 2014 and 2015. Zong plans next to disrupt the educational system in China through his company’s groundbreaking kindergarten and educational approach.
As an environmentally-conscious electric vehicle enthusiast, Zong takes his commitment to creating a cleaner planet seriously. He currently captains Team China for the 80edays Challenge to drive around the world in EVs in 80 days. 80edays hopes to advance awareness of the long-distance capabilities of electric vehicles and to increase consumer adoption of clean transportation options.