14.07 news

After finishing U.S. stage of the round the world rally 80edays cars left Los Angeles International Airport on 11/07 and headed to China where successfully landed at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. While proceeding with all driving permit procedures: getting driving licenses and plates to go across China, ELDURO ambassadors took part at a high level event as a part of Global Disruptors Speakers Series. On Thursday, 07/14 in Guangzhou the 80edays ambassadors were invited to the stage during highly anticipated presentation show hosted by Guangzhou Innovate Entrepreneurs Association and represented to 1800 audience and Guangzhou mayor Wen Guohui biggest EV challenge.

07/14 Thursday – Global Disruptors Speaker Series – Guangzhou

Organizer: Guangzhou Innovate Entrepreneurs Association
Theme: Innovation and Development

12:30 PM– 1:30 PM 80edays show and reception
1 PM- 1:30 PM Arrangement
1:40 PM- 2: 40 PM
Speaker 1: Xiaobo Wu- Famous Financial book author and founder of Wu Xiaobo Channel (5
million social media community)
Topic: 4 trends and 6 innovations in 2016
2: 40 PM – 3 PM
Found Ceremony of Guangzhou Innovate Entrepreneurs Association
3PM – 3:40 PM
Panel: Innovation and Development
Andrew Yi Zong- Founder/CEO PHNIX, China team Captain
Nanyan Zhen – Founder/President of Plateno,Owner of Nice football team in France
Lan Du – Sr.VP of Iflytek
Haizhou Zhao – VP of Kugou, Serial entrepreneurs, Mentor of young entrepreneurs.
Xu Hu- CEO of 新居网, VP of 尚品宅配
Huaimin Zhu- CTO of 三七互娱
3:40 PM- 5 PM
Speaker 1: Andrew Yi Zong – China Team Captain
Topic: Super link and 80edays.
Launch the 80edays Itinerary in China.

Audience: 1800 people.

VIP Guest: Guangzhou City Mayor
Guest: other Guangzhou City governors

Address: Guangzhou Theater
Media: Guangzhou TV, Live Video, Journalist

Dominating state television broadcaster of China CCTV about 80edays arrival to Guangzhou, China.