The 80edays Electric Vehicle Rally closes the North American Stage

9 teams left Los Angeles, California USA for China to initiate the Asian Part of the Challenge

Los Angeles, California USA – July 13, 2016- The North American stage of the 80edays 2016 ELDURO, a 100% electric vehicle rally around the world in 80 days or less, is coming to its end. On Monday, 11th of June, 9 electric cars of 80edays left the United States and landed in Guangzhou, China to start the next stage of the rally – Asia. Team Hungary and Team Switzerland I are on their way to catch up in China after the planned events.

For all the teams driving the Tesla models S the demanding test for the drivers and their cars along U.S. roads are already successfully completed with arrival on 11th of July at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) for the cargo flight to continue their EV challenge in China. Team Switzerland I driving the Tesla Roadster is heading to LAX where China Southern Airlines will manage the transfer so that the teams can rejoin and rally in China. With the support of China Southern Airline, which never stops chasing the latest technology to improve better onboard experience and build up environmental friendly flying, the 80edays teams will get start the Asian stage in due time.

The key highlight of the North America stage became a Tesla Experience event held at the Tesla Factory in Fremont, California on 5th of July. Group photos with the teams and cars were followed by the factory tour and a welcome reception from Tesla team. Rafael de Mestre, the captain of Team Spain and 80edays initiator, said that “for us (80edays) visiting the native Tesla’s factory is very symbolic, and a great example of how the EVs and Tesla Family bring together many open-minded people from the around world and unite them on a single mission to make the world a better place.”

The North American stage proved to be a true challenge with estimated 100 000 km in total on participant’s odometers, which is to be officially calculated before start in China. The teams dispersed along the U.S. highways with preset checkpoints in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. All participants drove an average of 500 km per day, while facing unpredictable weather conditions from heavy rains and strong winds to intense heat. Even Tornado Alley warning experienced by Team Italy and Team Germany III in Colorado. However, no weather conditions could stop the 80edays ambassadors from reaching each checkpoint in time and attend various events by along the way through the West Coast of America.

Along the U.S. route the European participants driving Tesla models had to deal with the absence of the regular Super Chargers, and Team China was unable to use electric car charging stations due to
differing standards, instead utilizing campsites and hotels that provided high power outlets. Team China reported a record-breaking distance of 458 km on a single charge driving Denza.

Promising the most eco-friendly public transport, the Hungarian developed Modulo Electric Bus is now delivering on the big stage. Its innovative design and superior traveling experience have made it popular in the eyes of the EV fans. The fiberglass composite structured modular bus features an all-electric powertrain and has turned some heads with its remarkable record in the 2016 rally. After getting first from Budapest to Paris in March and winning a world award, the Modulo is the first and the only electric bus to cross North America. Because of the delay of the shipment, the Hungarian team started after other vehicles, three days later on the 25th of July from Halifax, Canada. Despite the delay they managed to participate at the events on 5th of July in San Francisco. Due to reliable construction and new charging development, the 7800 km driven across America is evidence that the electromobility infrastructure is suitable for public transport as well.

Now the 80edays 2016 ELDURO is entering its third stage. The Asian stage will likely pose new challenges. But after the successful completion of the North American stage, the participants, organizers, and fans are confident in the performance and grit of the EV tech.

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